Cannabis with no seeds – or sinsemilla has gotten the reputation of being better, high-quality buds with more intense effects than weed with seeds. The idea is that the female plant has to spend extra energy producing seeds – and thus cannot put that energy into production of better cannabinoids and more THC. There is
Improved Cannabis Seed Germination with Hydrogen Peroxide Professor DeBacco Growers usage Some growers may use hydrogen peroxide as a pour-through. This can be effective for root/substrate based diseases but this lecture is focused on the germination process. Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) as First Aid Hydrogen peroxide (typically a 3% solution) is a mild antiseptic used on
Dr MJ Coco Grows Episode 1 – Germination is one of the most exciting parts of growing plants. It is almost magical to summon new life from a dormant seed. In this video, I explain the Science of germination and take you step-by-step through my practice – from dormant seed to photosynthesizing plant in only
Kelantan police believe that drug pushers have started to bring cannabis seeds into the state. This was based on a seizure of a small packet of the seeds by the police recently. Kelantan acting police chief Datuk Muhamad Zaki Harun said the seeds, weighing about 2gm, were found during an operation in Tumpat yesterday. During
Learn from Mel Frank and other cannabis legends online and in-person! Enrollment is now open for the expert-led 2022 Ganjier Certification Program at “It all begins with a seed.” Ganjier Director Derek Gilman joins legendary cannabis author, photographer, breeder and cultivator Mel Frank for this tutorial on seed selection, viability and germination. They cover
Hey everyone, in this video we show you two ways to see if your cannabis seeds are viable, one being the common finger rule method, and one being the rule of thumb that if the seed is white that it is immature and therefore unviable. This quick and easy tip is a must know for
When it comes to cannabis seeds, does seed size have any influence on germination rates and final plant size? Dutch Passion made a side by side germination comparison of small cannabis seeds vs big seeds. In the time lapse video you can see which seeds were the quickest to produce seedlings, along with an explanation
Welcome to another Seed to Harvest Grow Journal and strain review episode, we’re following an “auto-flower” from seed to harvest -POWER PLANT Autoflower from SeedStockers in Barcelona Spain. In this Seed to Harvest of the Power Plant Auto, we cover the strain information (parent genetics), autoflower growing tips for this strain in veg to final
This video depicts the cultivation of legal medical Cannabis in the state of California. Caligreen channel insist that you do not attempt to recreate any of the activities shown within this video. DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO! if you are offended by cannabis or are under the age of 21. VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED. One
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WARNING: Video is for documentary and educational purposes only. Nothing is for sale. Must be 21 years or older. Instagram: Twitter: Twitch: Second Channel: Beat: GlacierProduction – I grew seedsman’s purple ghost candy photoperiod. the plants were grown in a Deep Water Culture Hydroponics System under the maxisun pb4000 LED
Is it legal to sell seeds? The answer is yes, despite all the confusion around it. Cannabis seeds are hemp and contain less than 0.3% THC. Tune in as MrSoul of Brothers Grimm Seeds explains how seeds are legal to sell in all 50 states in the US. Check out MrSoul’s designer genetics at