Legislation making it lawful to smoke marijuana or consume cannabis-infused products for medical purposes in North Carolina cleared the state Senate on Monday evening. After no debate, the measure received bipartisan support by a vote of 36-7. The margin was similar to the outcome of an initial Senate vote last week that followed floor discussion.
Increasingly, people are exploring medical cannabis as a treatment option for their arthritis. It’s important to get the facts. In this Arthritis Talks webinar, Dr. Paul Daeninck discusses: – risks of medical cannabis use by people with arthritis over 50 years of age – known interactions between medical cannabis and other medications those over 50
Full story: UC Davis physician researchers have found that medical marijuana contains multiple bacterial and fungal pathogens that may cause serious and even fatal infections. They warn that smoking, vaping or inhaling aerosolized marijuana could pose a grave risk to patients, especially those with leukemia, lymphoma, AIDS or other condition that suppresses the immune Follow Josh Wolf! Instagram: TikTok: Facebook: Twitter: Watch more videos! Josh Wolf’s Wonderful World Of Weird: Popular Videos: Josh Wolf is a comedian, actor, and writer. He is best known for his standup, his work on a number of sitcoms, including All of Us and Cuts, and regular appearances
Senator Tom Davis explains how his seven year in the making medical marijuana bill died. Professor Scott White discusses the rise in seismic activity in the state. VISIT US ONLINE: LIKE US: FOLLOW US: Be sure to follow Gavin on Twitter @GavinJackson. Did you know Gavin has a Podcast? You can listen
Recreational marijuana is officially and legally for sale in New Jersey Thursday. State regulators cleared the way for recreational sales at seven “alternative treatment centers” that had already offered medical cannabis. Eyewitness News spoke to some of the first customers in line about the historic experience. Find more coverage on recreational pot in NJ here:
Lenny and Amy’s 5-year-old son has epilepsy. When conventional medications caused terrible side effects, they started giving him a daily drop of cannabis oil, with dramatic results. But it’s a calculated risk: While there is anecdotal evidence of cannabis’ effectiveness, scientists face research roadblocks because it’s a schedule 1 controlled substance. Science correspondent Miles O’Brien