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Can you actually overdose on weed? Is the fact that nobody has overdosed on weed true? In today’s educational video, we will explore the side effects of marijuana. A drug overdose occurs when a person takes more than the medically recommended dose, resulting in a toxic state which can sometimes lead to death. It can
Legislation making it lawful to smoke marijuana or consume cannabis-infused products for medical purposes in North Carolina cleared the state Senate on Monday evening. After no debate, the measure received bipartisan support by a vote of 36-7. The margin was similar to the outcome of an initial Senate vote last week that followed floor discussion.
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Um mit Cannabis zu kochen, oder zu backen, ist das beliebteste Mittel die Cannabis Butter! Bronko und Vince von Growers Life zeigen Euch, wie man das schnell und einfach selber macht – Viel Spaß! Vince: *** In dieser Sendung werden Handlungen erwähnt und/oder gezeigt, die in Deutschland für bestimmte Personen illegal sind. Der Besitz,
It’s official—Cannabis is legal in Canada. But what do you do with the stuff? Lift & Co.’s Guide to Cannabis (starring Sarah Hanlon) is an 8-part series that covers everything from rolling joints to mixing topicals. This episode will introduce you to the world of vapes. Want to learn more? CANNABIS 101: VAPING CANNABIS:
Heute sprechen wir über die Grundlagen der Aktivierung von Cannabis und bereiten Cannabis Butter, Cannabis Oliven Öl und Kokosnussöl zu. Zur Berechnung des Wirkstoffgehaltes könnt ihr meinen Dosisrechner nutzen.
Ever wondered how you create an autoflowering cannabis plant? It is not as difficult as you might think…. You simply cross-breed a female non-autoflowering cannabis plant from an indica or sativa strain with a male plant from the Cannabis ruderalis strain, an autoflowering variety. First, the female and male plants are selected for cross breeding.
Recreational marijuana is on the ballot in South Dakota. John Iadarola and Jayar Jackson break it down on The Damage Report. Read more here: South Dakota will vote on legalizing pot — with a twist South Dakota will vote on legalizing pot — with a twist “South Dakota voters will decide later this year whether
Increasingly, people are exploring medical cannabis as a treatment option for their arthritis. It’s important to get the facts. In this Arthritis Talks webinar, Dr. Paul Daeninck discusses: – risks of medical cannabis use by people with arthritis over 50 years of age – known interactions between medical cannabis and other medications those over 50
Dan shines a light on the dark and dirty traditions of cannabis cultivation and argues that a sun-grown future is the only sustainable pathway for a burgeoning new industry. Recorded at TEDxVancouver at Rogers Arena on November 14, 2015. YouTube tags: marijuana, grow op, cannabis, cannabis cultivation, sun-grown TED, TEDxVancouver, TEDxVancouver 2015, Vancouver, TEDx, Rogers
This third and final education module covers cannabis and vaping among youth in Canada, cannabis vaping products, the harms and risks associated with vaping cannabis, and strategies educators can use to reduce the risks for youth who vape cannabis.
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Full story: UC Davis physician researchers have found that medical marijuana contains multiple bacterial and fungal pathogens that may cause serious and even fatal infections. They warn that smoking, vaping or inhaling aerosolized marijuana could pose a grave risk to patients, especially those with leukemia, lymphoma, AIDS or other condition that suppresses the immune
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Join me for my first cannabis growing adventure- from seed to harvest! In this episode we go from seed germination to early flowering and you’ll see veg state, budding, and topping and training the plant along the way. I also show how to detect spidermite infestations and methods of removing these pets from your plants.
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UC Riverside faculty share their newest research on how cannabis can affect metabolic health and disease and hemp farming. Nicholas DiPatrizio, Associate Professor of Biomedical Sciences, is working to discover and develop novel therapeutic strategies to safely treat obesity and related metabolic disorders. Emma Aronson, Associate Professor of Microbiology and Plant Pathology, is investigating soil,
When decarboxylating your cannabis in an oven, it’s important to remember that the temperature dial on an oven is more of an average temperature than an exact one. Ovens can fluctuate in temperature by 20 or more degrees, so keep an eye on your cannabis. If it turns brown too quickly or smells like it