How To Grow Weed Outdoors – Outside Cannabis Backyard Grow School Basics

Your own outside weed grow school. Learn a proper outside cannabis backyard grow. A basic guide on how to grow weed outdoors wikihow style. Whether outdoor growing in Ontario, Florida, Washington State, Minnesota, Oklahoma, California or elsewhere this is your step by step guide for everything from rain, nutrients and fertilizer to bud rot.

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Beginner Course (Playlist)

Plant Training (Playlist)

Super Soil


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Lesson Timeline:
Lesson Overview – 0:30
To Begin… – 1:12
Temperature – 1:40
Sunlight – 2:04
Whether to plant in the ground or pots – 3:11
Garden Location – 4:20
Strain – 5:18
Soil – 6:03
Fertilizer – 6:55
Watering – 7:31
Protection from rain, wind, pests, temp – 8:39
Lesson Review – 9:46

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