Beginner Tips #2: How To Top A Cannabis Plant

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4×4 Tent Setup —
1 4×4 Spider Farmer Tent (Discount Code: Justintime2)
1 ChilLED X330 (Discount Code: J2G)
2 ChilLED X1(Discount Code : J2G)
1 Exotic/Emerson Board Kit
1 Core 85 Bar
1 AC Infinity Cloudline T8″ Fan
8″x 24″ Phresh Filter
1 Active Air 4″ Fan
Mylumii WiFi Power Controller
Pot Risers

2×4 Veg Tent Setup —
Raymatix HAMR +1 (Discount Code: J2G)
Mars 2×4 Tent (“justin” discount code on, includes lights)
4″ Phresh Filter

Double Decker Veg Setup —
Metal rack:
Panda Film:
Spider Farmer SF2000 (Discount Code: justintime2)
Viparspectra P2000 (Discount Code: time2grow)

Nutrients —
Jacks 321 Info –
Part A –
Calcium Nitrate(part B) –
Epsom Salt (Part C) –

Flower Boosters –
Beastie Bloomz(week 3-5)
ChaChing(week 6-7)

Beneficial Life –
Mammoth P –

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