How to Germinate and Plant Cannabis Seeds the Swami Select Way | How To Grow Cannabis Outdoors EP4

This fourth episode of how to grow cannabis outdoors is all about germination. Follow Swami as he goes into all the details of how to germinate cannabis seeds. The preferred method here is to soak the seeds overnight in a warm, safe, and dark environment.

If they’re ready after 24-48 hours, you’ll see them cracked and presenting a taproot. Your next step will be to gently transplant them by burying them root down in about a ½ inch of soil. Many growers prefer to transplant them into 1-quart sprouting pots and keep them indoors.

Swami prefers to get them outside and into full sun as soon as possible. Before long, you’ll see the very first two leaves. Light watering with a mister is recommended to not overdo it. Before long, you’ll see additional leaves and soon after that, nodes will begin to form as your plants expand.

Around the 10-day mark would be a good time to add a bit of extra organic fertilizer, like chicken manure, and watch your plant shoot out. You’ll soon be in the vegetative stage, which marks the end of this video.

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