Month: June 2022

Watch more Marijuana Facts & Medical Marijuana videos: Marijuana has actually been used in spiritual, religious traditions throughout the ages. It is actually mentioned in numerous sacred texts of world religions. For example, just like you hear about Catholics using wine to commemorate the blood of Christ in communion, there are religions in the
A viewer is confused about cannabis cooking temperatures and how high you can go with degrading the THC. This video is part of a longer article on my website. Find that here The Ardent FX is the only special cannabis cooking gadget I use. It perfectly decarbs your cannabis and makes infusions like cannabutter
View/download the Presentation Slides: 1:00 – 2:00 p.m. ET | April 8, 2021 Thirty-six states and Washington, D.C. have legalized medical cannabis. In these jurisdictions, cannabis is a legitimate treatment option for qualifying patients who have been certified by a licensed medical provider to use this medicine. However, despite legal recognition and medical oversight,
Check out the official Dutch Passion video guide to cannabis seed germination using cotton pads. Maximise your seed germination rates with a simple, proven germination technique. All you need are a couple of cotton pads, some water and some plastic kitchen film. Aim for 100% cannabis seed germination rates and get your grow off to
Though cannabis’s wild beginnings remain unknown, by looking at the plant’s genes, scientists can identify its closest living relative. “Hops, which we use for beer, is the closest existing species to cannabis,” says Cornell University Emerging Crops Specialist Daniela Vergara. Plant geneticists estimate that some 28 million years ago, cannabis and hops plants diverged. Today,
In this video, I had the opportunity to chat with Dr. Safiya Lyn-Lassite about why she chose to become a Cannabis perscribing doctor, tips for those interested in doing the same, typical day in the life and tips for all! Dr. Lyn-Lassiter graduated with honors from Trinity University (DC) with a Bachelor of Science in
The Five-best Cannabis Strains for Beginners It is not easy to definitively state which are the five best cannabis strains because there are just too many variables. Beyond personal preference for flavor and strength, you then have to take into account levels of CBD and THC. Additionally, you need to consider yields, speed of growth
Legendary newscaster Jon Snow describes taking skunk, an extreme form of Cannabis, as part of the documentary Drugs Live: Cannabis on Trial. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for new videos every weekday. It’s free and you’ll be the first to watch the best bits from the show. Click here to Subscribe: Join Christine Bleakley
All across the country, states are passing bills to legalize marijuana both for recreational and medicinal use. While support for legal pot is on the rise, Dr. Samuel Ball of the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University (CASAColumbia) contends that there’s at least one big problem with legalizing marijuana. ————————————————– For
Not getting enough vapor from your dry herb vaporizer? These 7 tips will help and up your weed vaping game instantly! Were you expecting to get thick, mighty, voluminous clouds from your dry herb vaporizer, but only getting thin wispy vapor? There are many different factors that could prevent you from getting the clouds you
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On this episode, Will Cain sits down with former New York Times reporter and author of ‘Tell Your Children: The Truth About Marijuana, Mental Illness and Violence,’ Alex Berenson to break down why marijuana should be decriminalized, but not fully legalized. Listen to the full podcast: Subscribe to Fox News! Watch more Fox
Learn the quick and easy oven method to decarb your cannabis for use when infusing butter, oil, tincture and even honey! Ingredients: Parchment Paper Aluminum foil Cookie sheet pan 1 oz. of Cannabis Subscribe Here: tCheck Potency Checker: Related Videos: How to make Canna Sugar: How to make potent Canna Butter:
#organicmarijuana #outdoorgrow #marijuanagrow #howtogrowmarijuana This will be a fun series to follow!! After growing weed indoors last winter in a totally controlled environment, I’m going to try my hand at growing it the way nature intended. Fully organic and as touch free as possible. Some of these plants even sprouted from the compost pile where