How to Germinate Cannabis Seeds in Peat Pellets – Step by Step

The Safe and Easy Way of Germinating Cannabis Seeds
We have a near-perfect success rate in germinating cannabis seeds in peat pods.
(0:00) The Best Way to Germinate Cannabis Seeds

(2:52) STEP #1: Soak Your Peat Pellets
We’re going to show you exactly how to do this.
Set the pods in a dish, add some dechlorinated water.
Watch as the pods absorb all the water.
The water at bottom of the dish will disappear into the pods.
Keep adding water little by little until the pods won’t take anymore.
When they won’t take any more water, remove them from the dish.

(3:58) STEP #2: Shake or Flick Out Excess Drips
The pods should be soaked / saturated, but not dripping.

(4:08) STEP #3: Place Pods on Your Tray
You will need a seedling tray with grooved bottom.
We use a Mondi Tray & Dome Propagation set.
This prevents the bottoms of pods from absorbing too much water.

(4:15) STEP #4: (Optional) Tag Each Pod
You will enjoy knowing which seedling is which.
We use ordinary plastic gardening labels and a Sharpie.

(4:45) STEP #5: Peel Back a Bit of the Netting
There is a very fine mesh around the peat.
Peel back a bit to create space to plant the seed.

(4:52) STEP #6: Poke a Small Hole in the Peat
Use a chopstick or pencil (eraser end).
The hole should be about ¼” deep.

(5:01) STEP #7: Set Your Seed in the Hole
Tweezers make this easier and safe for the seeds.

(5:09) STEP #8: Push a Bit of Peat Back Over the Seed
Not too much but make sure the seed is covered

(6:52) STEP #9: Spritz Dechlorinated Water in the Tray and Dome
Our video (oops) shows spraying the pods directly, but don’t do it. 😉
Make sure to spritz all around inside the tray and dome though.
This provides plenty of humidity for germination.

We added a few tips & corrections here, after we filmed the Germination video.

(9:51) STEP #10: Close the Dome

(10:13) STEP #11: Place the Tray in Temperature Controlled Environment
Cannabis seeds like to be at about 70°F | 21°C.
Depending on your local climate, you may need heating or cooling.
In Canada, we use a Vivosun Heating Pad and Thermostat Controller.

Start with the best seeds you can get from the best source you know.
We like Farmers Lab for our seeds but there are plenty of great places to buy seeds… or maybe a friend will give you one. 😉

In this video, we are germinating 4 cannabis seeds:
• 2 OG Kush
• 2 Bruce Banner #3

(11:21) STEP #12: Place Under a Small Seedling Light
Your seeds need to “go towards the light.”
Leave the light on 24/7 throughout the seedling process.
We use a Jiffy Hydro Grow Light.
If you’re buying, check that it’s good for seedlings.

(11:47) STEP #13: Watch, Wait, Spritz Dome Daily
Just spritz inside the top of the dome.
Don’t spritz pods or tray.

(12:39) SUMMARY: How to Germinate Cannabis Seeds

Just spritz dechlorinated water on the inside of the dome.


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