Germinating Cannabis Seeds in Rockwool or Oasis

Germinating Cannabis Seeds in Rockwool or Oasis
Professor DeBacco

Germinating Basics
Seed: From certified source
Temperature: 78⁰F-82⁰F (25⁰C-28⁰C)
Moisture Level: 90% RH
Air: 10%
Depth: 1/8” to ¼” (3mm-6mm) deep
Light: 150-300 PPFD/PAR

Why Rockwool/Oasis?
Natural properties are conducive to early plant establishment.
The material holds water while still providing the roots adequate air exchange
Often come in space efficient trays with individual cubes pre cut

Rockwool Specifics
Soak Rockwool first before planting seeds
Sometimes this may require the soaking water to be pH tested
Typically the small cubes are recommended no matter where the seedling will be going for the rest of the grow cycle
Commonly used example would be Grodan AO cubes

As Plant Grows
Rockwool cubes are designed to fit into larger Rockwool blocks for easy transplanting with minimal root disturbance.
Ex. Grodan Block Delta

Both Substrates
Are easily put into trays for easy mass production in a small area.
Leave one planting spot empty in the middle so the water in the tray can be properly determined.

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