Germinating Cannabis Seeds in Soilless Medium

Germinating Cannabis Seeds in Soilless Medium

Professor DeBacco

Germinating Basics
Seed: From certified source
Temperature: 78⁰F-82⁰F (25⁰C-28⁰C)
Moisture Level: 90% RH
Air: 10%
Depth: 1/8” to ¼” (3mm-6mm) deep
Light: 150-300 PPFD/PAR

Why Soilless Medium?
Soilless media can be purchased in large quantities
Disease and weed free
Good water holding/draining characteristics
Can be used with a variety of containers
Growers can purchase specific blends to best match needs

Soilless Medium Specifics
Regardless of the manufacture a plug/germination mix should be used (and not a pot/grow mix)
The Plug/Germination mix will be made of finer material to help ensure good seed contact while still providing air

As Plant Grows
Plants can be up potted and a Grow/Pot mix can be used from this point forward in the growing cycle

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