New Cannabis Grow Gear 2022 for Seed To Harvest (New Strains, Bestva LED Grow Light, Grow Nutrients)

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New Cannabis Grow Gear 2022 for Seed To Harvest (New Strains, Bestva LED Grow Light, Grow Nutrients)

Welcome to another Home Grow TV episode, this week we are reviewing. the new indoor cannabis grow gear we are rocking for the Season 2 Seed to Harvest playlist.

New LED Grow Lights from ‘BESTVA LED’ New Strains and Genetics, and New Nutrients we’re testing with our cannabis grow rooms.

0:00 Intro
00:56 (NEW) BESTVA LED Grow Lights
1:28 Bestva Pro 1000 (100W LED)
2:42 Bestva Pro 2000 (200W LED)
3:32 Bestva Pro 4000 (400W LED)
5:09 New Strains – Seed to Harvest (Season 2)
5:55 The Humboldt Seed Company
7:05 Copy Cat Genetics
8:00 Seedstockers
9:32 New Cannabis Nutrients
10:40 Mills Nutrients
12:15 Cutting Edge Solutions
13:19 Cronk Nutrients

In this Seed to Harvest of the Robin Hood Seeds – Apple Wood, we cover the strain information (parent genetics) Gorilla Glue #4 & Apple Fritter, the tips of growing this strain in veg weeks 2-6, and Flower from weeks 1-10 (final harvest day 57 / week 8).

Ultimately we’re testing to see if it makes the list of the best strains to grow in 2022 season.

Hope you enjoy the episode!

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Special thanks to Basement Autoflowers for a few clips at the end with Cronk Nutrient Tour Video:

Growing Equipment and supplies

BESTVA LED Pro Series Grow Lights:

BESTVA PRO 1000 –×4-ft-flower-compatible-with-samsung-lm301b-diodes-meanwell-driver-dimmable-grow-lights-full-spectrum-for-indoor-hydroponic-plants-veg-bloom-303pcs-leds

BESTVA PRO 2000 –×5-ft-flower-compatible-with-samsung-lm301b-diodes-meanwell-driver-dimmable-grow-lights-full-spectrum-for-indoor-hydroponic-plants-veg-bloom-448pcs-leds

BESTVA PRO 4000 –×6-5-ft-flower-compatible-with-samsung-lm301b-diodes-meanwell-driver-dimmable-grow-lights-full-spectrum-for-indoor-hydroponic-plants-veg-bloom-992pcs-leds

Strains and Genetics in Season 2 Seed to Harvest:

The Humboldt Seed Company –
Hella Jelly –
Poddy Mouth –
Blueberry Muffin –

The Power S1 –
The BabySitter S1 –

Seedstockers Seedbank –
Runtz –
Wedding Cake –
Do Si Dos –
BCN Critical XXL Fast –


Organic Cannabis Nutrients Used in Season 1 – Canna Consulting Colombia
Cultiva con Mr.Q website:

Mills Nutrients –

About Mills: Mills Nutrients is designed, manufactured, and bottled entirely in Holland. Made in the fine Dutch tradition of an easy-to-use two-part base along with additives that provide your plants with everything they need and nothing they don’t. Mills nutrients are one of the first to develop bio-mineral plant nutrients utilizing the best of both synthetic and organic sources optimizing growth rates, yield, flavor, and aroma. The success of our bio mineral formula was realized only after thorough research in the field with both large greenhouse and hobbyist growers alike. Basis A, Basis B, Start-R, C4, and Ultimate PK. These products’ unique composition allows growers to use the entire line in all grow mediums. Unlike completely synthetic nutrient lines which can build up in or on top of the soil, Mills Nutrients Bio Mineral formula does not accumulate in the medium giving the grower a tremendous advantage when pushing his/her plants to the limit.

Cutting Edge Solutions –

Cronk Nutrients:

Best Grow Tents for Indoor
(US & Canada) Grow Store:

Rosin Press (rosin Bogota):

Home Grow TV Website:
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Strains mentioned:
– Blueberry Muffin
– Hella Jelly
– Poddy Mouth
– The Power Copy Cat genetics
– The Babysitter Copy Cat Genetics
– Runtz
– Wedding Cake
– DoSiDos
– BCN Critical XXL Fast

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