What if Weed is legalised in India? | Impact of Marijuana on the Stock market | Harsh Goela

If marijuana is legalized in India, what will happen? Marijuana legalization: what are the effects? How does legalizing marijuana affect society? What effect will marijuana have on the stock market? What is the economic impact of marijuana?

The world is changing… The US has legalized Marijuana in some states, and they are reaping in the profits. Is it a good decision? Studies and researches have shown that legalization of Marijuana has had positive and negative impacts on the state. The positive impact includes an increase in revenue and job creation, while the negative impacts include increase in drug abuse, crime rate, and more. We are going to discuss the impact of Marijuana on the stock market, and how legalization of Marijuana can affect the market.

00:00 Introduction
01:21 What part of Indian history marijuana played
03:37 What is the present state of marijuana in Indian society
04:55 Economic aspects of marijuana
07:22 What are the effects of legalizing marijuana?
09:02 What do marijuana studies conclude?

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