Month: December 2021

Addiction, mental illness and suicide – the legacy of cannabis legalisation. Marijuana has become as popular, regular and easily accessible as ever. But as more Americans are using cannabis, numerous studies and evidence confirm that consuming marijuana can be dangerous. In 2012, Colorado became one of the first states to legalise marijuana for recreational use.
Watch more Marijuana Facts & Medical Marijuana videos: Again, the most important thing to remember about any psychological effects of a drug or substance that you consume that has psychologically activating properties is the huge role that psychological makeups are set and the context that it’s used in play in how it affects your
The biggest barrier to reducing toxic pesticides in cannabis is, not surprisingly, the cannabis industry itself. Looking for healthy holiday meals? Subscribe to our free newsletter and receive a holiday recipe guide with four recipes: For more on the link between the tobacco and marijuana industries, check out: Will Cannabis Turn Into Big Tobacco?
Biden Called Out By GOP Lawmakers on Marijuana Policy Joe Biden Cannabis policy questioned by GOP lawmaker’s letter. #Biden #MarijuanaNews 🌱 We can help with your cannabis business. Get in touch here! 🔔 Subscribe to CLN for more cannabis content! 💚 Become a member for exclusive perks! Cannabis Legalization News 2021
The American Academy of Neurology, the world’s largest association of neurologists, issues findings on medical marijuana in certain brain diseases. Learn more at Visit the American Academy of Neurology at Connect with the AAN Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: LinkedIn:
Research shows it can cause strokes, heart attacks, and car accidents. This episode features audio from Does Marijuana Cause Strokes and Heart Attacks? (, The Effects of Marijuana on Car Accidents (, and Effects of Marijuana on Weight Gain and Bone Density ( Visit the video pages for all sources and doctor’s notes related to
NJ Cannabis Insider’s Justin Zaremba moderates a discussion on what the biggest challenges physicians, nurses and patients face in the state. “What Doctor’s Should Know About The State’s Medical Cannabis Program” was presented by Curaleaf NJ, the Garden State’s largest dispensary. Despite a growing number of patients registering for the state’s medicinal cannabis program
An overview of the different methods to make feminized hemp seeds, as well as what could happen if we were to reverse the process to try and produce masculinized seeds. We will be covering in more detail the exact process of making feminized seeds with colloidal silver in the next hemp horticulture video as well
Every year, cannabis is estimated to result in 2 million years of healthy life lost due to disability. How much is that compared to alcohol and tobacco? Looking for healthy holiday meals? Subscribe to our free newsletter and receive a holiday recipe guide with four recipes: If you’re interested in more, check out my
Shift by MSNBC’s Seema Iyer travels to Colorado to learn more about the production of pot goodies, many of which are earning a bad reputation. » Subscribe to msnbc: About: msnbc is the premier destination for in-depth analysis of daily headlines, insightful political commentary and informed perspectives. Reaching more than 95 million households worldwide,
Hull, Chase and Jackman have opened Hippos, a Marijuana dispensary in Chesterfield. STORY: They are names that provided us with some electrifying hockey moments. Brett Hull is our town’s greatest player. Barret Jackman was a rookie of the year and a rock steady defenseman for a decade. Kelly Chase was the enforcer who lived
On a puff-by-puff basis, cannabis smoke deposits four times more tar in the lungs than tobacco, but does this translate into increased cancer risk? Looking for healthy holiday meals? Subscribe to our free newsletter and receive a holiday recipe guide with four recipes: Stay tuned for Can Cannabis Cure Cancer? ( next, but I
Cannabis, also known as marijuana. It consist a seed which is use to producing oil and also use to make pickles. Here this video show how cannabis seed /Marijuana Seed is processed to producing oil. #Cannabis Seed Oil #Marijuana Seed Oil #गाँजाकोतेल #भाङकोतेल || गाँजाको तेल प्रसोधन प्रकृया