Blues alumni enter medical marijuana business

Hull, Chase and Jackman have opened Hippos, a Marijuana dispensary in Chesterfield.


They are names that provided us with some electrifying hockey moments. Brett Hull is our town’s greatest player. Barret Jackman was a rookie of the year and a rock steady defenseman for a decade. Kelly Chase was the enforcer who lived and died every game for the organization. Now the three are involved in another venture together. This month they opened up Hippos, a Marijuana Dispensary in Chesterfield.

“I’ve never smoked drugs or been involved in them any time in my career. I figured if I got caught I wasn’t good enough to keep a job,” Chase said. “I found a lot of people who were finding strains that were helping people with chronic pain. It helps me with my sleep. I have a terrible hip and two bad shoulders. I was a buying thousand pill jars of Advil. My doctor said you have to stop this. When it got passed, I put in applications. I really believe it is a good alternative to opioids.”

“I thought this was a no brainer,” Jackman said. “It’s a great alternative to pain killers and sleep medications that I have used. I did a lot of research on it. I just felt it was the right thing do. Waking up and getting our of bed and getting a cup of coffee was difficult. I took every time type of pain reducer to get through the day. This has really helped my day to day life. It’s giving me the life I should have. Just being able to go to sleep and not wake up 20 minutes later. It stops the mind from racing.”

Lindsay Lockhart is the Director of Marketing for Hippos. She says the audience will be a great variety of people: “They are you neighbors. They are your soccer moms. They are the dads in the suits. It’s all walks of lives. There has been a lot of talk about the stress of the mother during COVID. A lot of us are stressed, anxious or depressed,” Lockhart said.

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