HOW TO GROW WEED – from Seed to Harvest – Complete Beginner’s Guide for New Indoor Marijuana Growers

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I spent about 500 hours mastering the easiest method on how to grow weed. In this video i will teach you the basics of growing marijuana at home and the only information needed for successfully growing buds even with zero prior knowledge. This is for new growers and taught in a way to teach as many people as possible. It is by no means advanced so I know there may be methods that are easier, but way more expensive or cheaper but way harder. Every single video clip in this lesson is from a grow session that used the exact recommended settings in the chart included in the following link:

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Happy Growing to All.

LIGHTS: video link explaining how to choose the best value
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Photone App for Measuring PPFD/Light Intensity Video showing it’s Use

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pH Down – 1 quart $12.55
BEST pH METER – Waterproof, reliable and also measures PPM which will be useful for advanced growers
Cal Mag

3 x 3 AC infinity – Stronger Poles, Better Mylar $110 Mylar on Vivosun Deteriorates
4 x 2 AC Infinity – Stronger Poles, Better Mylar $99 Generics have fallen apart
4 x 4 AC Infinity – Stronger Poles, Better Mylar $129

AC infinity 4 inch inline fan $120 More expensive, but more energy efficient, will save in long run
AC infinity 4 inch Carbon Filter $50 Definitely the best in terms of quality, Wifey Approved
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