How to Hang Dry your weed – the easiest method to dry marijuana buds – For new beginner home growers

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In this video for how to grow weed, we are going to teach you the easiest and beginner friendly way to dry your marijuana and weed buds by hanging them in a closet. After you harvest, you want to create an environment that has the perfect humidity and temperature to dry your buds and this can all be controlled at home. Make sure you pick a dark place and if no room in your house is withing 10 degrees of 55% humidity and 60 Fahrenheit, you can control them using the following:


Space Heater:
Window AC unit:

Expensive I know, but you dont really want to have spent all that time growing only to faint at the finish line. Most basement closets are good enough, but make sure you de-sanitize the room if it is damp or dirty by spraying lysol everywhere around it or rubbing alcohol at least a week before you hang dry. Once you have the proper environment, follow the instructions in the video for the perfect method to dry your buds.

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