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What is a marijuana strain? What is the best way to pick a strain? To answer these questions and more, we start at the beginning. This episode explores the origin, evolution, and modern hybridization of marijuana. ————————————————————————– 21+ 🇺🇸 | 19+ 🇨🇦
Old School Fudge Meets New School Buds in the 11th Episode of Cooking with Marijuana. It’s an easy recipe with very few ingredients creating a delicious and potent marijuana edible treat. Ingredients: 2 Cups Granulated Sugar 1/2 Cup Cocoa 1 Cup Milk 1/4 cup (or a little more) marijuana infused butter, cannabutter, cannabis butter 1
While the long-term public health impact of marijuana legalization is yet to be determined, many experts agree that marijuana use is risky for some people and addictive for others. Listen in as host William C. Moyers talks with psychiatrist Marvin D. Seppala, MD, about the health risks of marijuana (especially for teens), the difference between
Aus den Ampel-Koalitionsverhandlungen sind vor dem Wochenende Details einer möglichen Legalisierung von Cannabis bekanntgeworden, eine Einigung gibt es allerdings noch nicht. Mehrere Medien berichteten am Donnerstag und Freitag über ein Papier der Facharbeitsgruppe Gesundheit von SPD, Grünen und FDP. Darin heißt es: «Wir führen die kontrollierte Abgabe von Cannabis an Erwachsene zu Genusszwecken in lizenzierten
This video provides an overview of medical marijuana, its compounds and legality. It sheds light on the usage of cannabis in chronic pain and the literature regarding it. Furthermore, it looks at an alternative treatment, opioids, and compares the pros and cons of each. This video was made by McMaster Demystifying Medicine students: Victor Nguyen,
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It’s not often we look at plants and wonder if they are male or female. In most cases, they are a bit of both when they have flowers. These flowers usually contain a stamen – the male bit, and the pistil, the female bit. The cannabis plant, however, is a bit different. There are male
As coalition talks progress here in Germany, there’s one thing the three parties hoping to govern together do agree on – legalizing cannabis. The Social Democrats, Greens and liberals want a regulated system for the cultivation, distribution and sale of cannabis. It’s not just consumers who could benefit – but also the pharmaceutical industry. Germany
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Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Chief Medical Correspondent at CNN, joined Dr. Staci Gruber, Associate Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, for a discussion on medical marijuana. Gupta spoke of his experience studying the effects of medical marijuana and recounting stories of patients using the substance for its health benefits. Gupta described how his opinion has
Weed nutrients for beginners. A complete explanation of seedling, veg, bloom nutrient feeding schedule for marijuana plants in soil or hydroponics. Learn what to do for cannabis nutrient burn, nutrient lockout or deficiency. The quintessential beginners’ guide to marijuana nutrient schedule feeding, dosages, and best practices. Lesson Timeline: – Lesson Overview – 0:45 – Lead
Our videos are generating a lot of comments from you and some great questions are being asked. In response to this, over the next few of weeks and months we will be producing a number of videos on specific problems some of you have been encountering. As we’ve hit 1000 subscribers we thought we’d create
Watch more Marijuana Facts & Medical Marijuana videos: The use of marijuana to mitigate the effects of chemotherapy has been around for almost 30 years or more in the United States. In fact, the very first wave of medical marijuana laws were in the 70’s and early 80’s and they were geared toward patients
In this episode of Cooking with Marijuana we extract THC from cannabis flowers using cocoa butter then make delicious Vegan chocolate from the marijuana infused cocoa butter. Subscribe here: Cooking with Marijuana Playlist: Simple Vegan Marijuana Chocolate 1/2 – 1 Ounce ( 14 – 28 grams) Dried Marijuana Flower 1 cup (218 grams)
Cannabis is one of the most widely used substances around the world. As governments begin to decriminalize and legalize the usage of this substance for recreational and medicinal purposes there are many grey areas and unchartered territories when it comes to this substance. Furthermore, as Cannabis begins to be used for the treatment of many
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In these two videos I will cover what I do after starting cannabis seeds in papertowel. Growing cannabis seeds in root riot plugs make it easy to transplant into solo cups. I will cover that in the next video GEAR USED Fulvex - Azos – pH Down- Plant Labels – Plant Dome
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Medical Marijuana: A Conversation with Dr. Sanjay Gupta Date: Wednesday, October 08, 2014 – 06:00PM More video info at ********************************** Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Chief Medical Correspondent at CNN, joined Dr. Staci Gruber, Associate Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, for a discussion on medical marijuana. Gupta spoke of his experience studying the effects