The complete how-to guide for germinating cannabis seeds, including germination techniques, golden rules, and timescales. Give your favourite strain the best start in life by using our video guide as a visual resource for the successful cultivation of cannabis.

Growing cannabis that develops excellent yields, flavour, and resilience relies on successful germination. Our video covers everything you need to know, including the ideal temperatures necessary for seeds to germinate, a variety of methods you can use to germinate seeds, a troubleshooting guide, and how to care for your seedling in its first few weeks.

All the elements necessary for germination (light, water, humidity and temperature) can be difficult to juggle, especially for the first-time grower. RQS has a feminized starter kit that has three RQS Critical feminized seeds, a propagator, Bacto, perlite, lights, and an instruction manual. Our starter kit is designed to take the hassle and uncertainty out of germinating cannabis seeds so you can focus on producing top-quality plants.

The final point covered in our video is how to care for your seedling in its earliest stages of life. Not yet ready for the vegetative stage, a young seedling needs minor changes to its feeding cycle to ensure proper development. Don’t worry if all this sounds too complicated; our video takes you through every aspect of germination in an easy-to-follow format.

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Video Content
00:00 Introduction
00:29 Fundamental principles for germination
00:59 Glass of Water Method
01:40 Wet kitchen towel method
02:13 Planting directly into the soil
02:40 Stone wool blocks
03:49 RQS Starter Kit

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