How to Plant Cannabis Seeds – A Beginner’s Guide with Kyle Kushman

This video will look at how to plant cannabis seeds to ensure you have a successful cannabis grow. Make sure you’ve checked out out our guide to germinating your cannabis seeds before you watch this one, as you will need to ensure your seeds have germinated correctly before you plant them. Once your seeds have sprouted their taproots it’s time to plant them!

After ensuring your seeds have popped, now comes planting your weed seeds. The first thing you will need is a container or containers depending on how many seeds you are planting. In our video, Kyle Kushman opts for plastic cups. You will also need soil and some scissors as well as your water and some nutrients. You will need your nitrogen, this macronutrient makes sure your seeds start growing happily and healthily, all you need do is add this to some water and sprinkle a bit on your plants. Poke holes in the bottom of your containers with your scissors to ensure you don’t get any standing water.

From here you will need clingfilm or other plastic wrappings as well as rubber bands so that you can create your own makeshift terrarium.

Watch the video above to see Kyle Kushman’s method on how to plant weed seeds and break ground on what is bound to be a successful grow!

Kyle will show you how to do it right using three germinated seeds and these easy-to-find materials:

Plastic soda cups (one seed per cup)
Vegamatrix Grow
Plastic cling wrap
Rubber band (one rubber band per cup)
Neutral soil
1 liter of water

Once you have the needed supplies, let’s start planting!

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