Choosing Your Cannabis Seeds – A Beginner’s Guide with Kyle Kushman

Choosing cannabis seeds can actually be one of the most difficult but fun parts of the whole growing experience. We say difficult because there are so many different marijuana strains to choose from, however, this is also why choosing cannabis seeds can be so enjoyable.

When choosing cannabis seeds, there are three main types to choose from, regular seeds, feminized seeds, or autoflower seeds. Regular seeds are the original type of cannabis seed, they are the foundation for the different types of cannabis seeds that are perhaps more popular now. Regular seeds have a 50-50 chance of growing into male or female cannabis plants, this is something that attracts breeders but can deter many who grow cannabis for consumption. This is because male cannabis plants do not develop buds, only female cannabis plants grow those precious buds. So, be aware of this if you decide to choose regular seeds.

The next type of seed to choose would be feminized seeds. Feminized marijuana seeds are arguably the most popular cannabis seeds in modern times. This is because they are guaranteed to grow into female cannabis plants, which is a real bonus for those growing for consumption. Also, while autoflowering seeds are also feminized, they notoriously yield less than feminized or regular seeds so, that is often why growers choose to grow feminized seeds over autos.

Finally, choosing autoflower seeds is becoming increasingly popular among modern growers. Autoflowering seeds are guaranteed to reach the flowering stage and they also grow extremely fast. Autoflowers also do not need sleep or dark time, which is what allows them to grow faster. Autoflowers are perfect for beginners choosing cannabis seeds as they require less maintenance, grow smaller, and are generally quite hardy.

See you soon, homegrowers!

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