How To Store Cannabis Seeds

How To Store Cannabis Seeds

Reference Article
Director, Joint & Parihar, Surendra & Dadlani, M & Lal, Sandeep & Tonapi, Vilas & Nautiyal, Prakash & Basu, Sudipta. (2014). Effect of seed moisture content and storage temperature on seed longevity of hemp (Cannabis sativa). Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences. 84. 1303-9.

How Does Storage Temperature Impact Seeds?
Study performed on Hemp (Cannabis sativa L.)
Seedling lengths (measured in cm) were compared across the following number of storage months…
Storage Months: 0, 3, 6, 9, 12, 18, 24, 36
In addition at each storage month the moisture content of the seeds were also evaluated.
Moisture Content of Seeds: 5%, 7%, 8%, 10%, 12%
This was performed across three different storage temperatures
Ambient: 10⁰C (50F) winter to 40⁰C (104F) summer
15⁰C (59F)
-20⁰C (-4F)

Ambient Storage Conditions: 10⁰C (winter) to 40⁰C (summer)
The continual temperature fluctuations reduced the storage time across all seed moisture contents.
Only the 5% moisture content seeds were able to have germination past 9 months of storage.

15⁰C and -20⁰C Storage Conditions
Under these temperatures, if the moisture content of the seeds was under 10% seedling growth could still occur up to 36 months of storage
However, if the moisture content is 7% or less than seeds had similar seedling lengths

Look For Stated Moisture Contents…

How Should Cannabis Seeds Be Stored?
Low moisture content seeds (under 10% with 5% suggested)
Cool (under 15⁰C (59F)) and dark conditions

If you are looking to keep the seeds long term than taking the extra step to store the seeds in an environment that is -20⁰C (-4F) is justified.

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